What is an EDRMS?

An Electronic Document & Records Management System (EDRMS) is an automated system used to manage the creation, use, management and disposal of physical and electronically created documents and records for the purposes of:

  • Supporting the creation, revision and management of digital documents
  • Improving an organisation's workflow
  • Providing evidence of business activities.

Introducing an EDRMS is a complex project that requires the need for fundamental Information and Records Management tools, systems, practices and resources to be developed.

How EM can help

When EM prepares your organisation for an EDRMS, the thorough preparation ensures that the implementation is as user friendly as possible, and that the new system is not a burden on the end user.

The EM team has decades of experience in ensuring everything is done to ensure a successful implementation. The steps include:

  • Analyse existing Information and Records Management tools, systems and practices
  • Review the resources required for coordinating a strategic and operational information management program
  • Create a Business Requirements Specification
  • Create a Document and Records Management Education Strategy
  • Run an Executive, senior management and staff education program
  • Develop an Information and Records Management Strategy and Plan
  • Create KPIs
  • Establish an Executive reporting regime
  • Develop a Change Management and Communication Program
  • Create a Governance Framework
  • Develop metadata capture requirements for all information and records regardless of format
  • Define access and security rights
  • Define business rules and legal liabilities
  • Conduct training

We also create an education strategy that ensures each user in your organisation receives only the information they need to get their jobs done.

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