Information is your business. Responsibility for it starts at the top.


A critical success factor in managing an organisation is ensuring that it has the right structure and governance - which means sufficient and appropriate resources to get the job done and the diligent management scrutiny required for when problems arise.

The Experience Matters team has worked with a number of large government and private sector organisations to conduct a health check on existing governance arrangements in relation to information and develop an improved information governance framework and tools including:

  • policies
  • roles & responsibilities
  • standards
  • procedures
  • guidelines
  • process maps

The benefits of effective corporate governance practices around data, information and knowledge include:

  • Better management of business risk
  • Improved compliance
  • Double-handling eliminated
  • Downtime after disasters reduced due to improved business continuity
  • Protection against loss of reputation due to inefficiency, ineffectiveness or illegality
  • Protection against litigation by being able to discover and provide evidential documents to defend cases
  • Reduction in losses of knowledge, evidence and IP held in documents in the hands of contractors, disgruntled employees or retiring staff
  • Reduced dependence on people who hold knowledge, evidence and IP in their heads
  • Improved security of information and knowledge

Experience Matters also provides advice on contingency planning and disaster recovery.