Emerging technologies. Is your information ready to be moved?

New Technologies

In our digital age, new technologies will be constantly on our doorstep, each promising to help us reach new levels of productivity and profitability.


Technology moves quickly. Businesses are always looking to make smart investments in the software, hardware and infrastructure that can set them ahead of the competition.

However, while technology is always changing, the information that these upgrades rely on generally stays the same. If your business is not using the right information, all those expensive new technologies are going to be lost investments.

For this reason, it’s important to treat information as a valuable business asset. In the digital age, businesses find a point of difference in how they derive value from their data – in terms of productivity, reduced risk and the creation of better strategies, for instance. Poor data management, meanwhile, has the exact opposite effect.

This is what we do at Experience Matters: We help businesses reach a new level of operability, while giving them the means to make the most of technology investments.

The benefits of new technologies

We’re truly in the age of technology – an exciting time to be in. Many of the solutions on offer open the door to real business advantages, such as:

  • Better decision making: With valuable resources easily accessed and secured from prying eyes;
  • Improved strategy: Delivering the insights and tools that help business leaders work with foresight;
  • Increased productivity: Cutting the time staff members take to access information and work with it;
  • Mobility: Allowing resources to be accessed quickly from anywhere in the world;
  • Streamlined compliance: Solutions to make misplaced documents a thing of the past;
  • Space-saving digitisation: Transferring those acres of stored paper documents into virtually spaceless digital mediums.

This is a tiny proportion of the popular business technologies out there. So why are many still struggling to derive business value? Surely every business that adopts such technological improvement should see massive revenue growth, no?

Getting the most from your new technologies

Businesses are generating more information than ever before, and new solutions are sold to help them manage it. Whether it’s in terms of cloud-based storage products or software solutions that allow for greater collaboration, many solutions are sold as a one-stop answer to all of an organisation’s productivity and profitability woes.

They very well might be. However, these solutions are only as good as the information put into them. If your business mismanages its information, it’s like pouring water into the tank of a sports car and expecting it to reach top speed – it’s not going to happen.

To get the most out of any new technology, an organisation first needs information governance and management in place to collect, organise, store and disseminate valuable data. Only then is a business in a position to invest successfully in new technologies, whenever and wherever they may need to do so.

How Experience Matters helps

The Experience Matters team are experts in understanding the challenges faced by businesses in the modern digital world. We have helped many organisations develop informationstrategy and build the right information architecture to help them find value in their technology investments.

With a little help, you can soon be putting high-octane fuel into that sports car, and high-quality data into those important technology upgrades.

The technology used to deliver your information will continue to change – as it always has – but what is truly important is that your information is managed effectively in order to take advantage of whatever future technology arrives at your doorstep.