Information. Are you exploiting your 4th business asset? Learn Why it's Important Ask About a Health Check
  • I do believe that your research has documented the greatest single barrier to productivity in the 21st Century economy and nobody knows about it.

    Aquatic Informatics - Vancouver, Canada
  • I was thrilled to see your paper as I find the research and ideas to be tremendous ... Information should be a recognized asset class and organizations’ failure to [manage it] has had a detrimental effect on the way information is accumulated, administered and applied – and ultimately on corporate performance ... your work is ground-breaking.

    Doug Laney - Gartner, Chicago, USA
  • Mike Orzen & Associates is proud to be associated with this research as we consider it to be great work of the utmost importance. The research findings are ... highly relevant to executives interested in business improvement ... Experience Matters' identification of the benefits of information asset management is testament to their global thought leadership and practice.

    Mike Orzen - Mike Orzen & Associates, Portland, USA
  • Having done the preparation work in specifying what was required, the Experience Matters team understood our needs as a corporate organisation. They identified issues with products early that could have become showstoppers later down the track. They were able to lift the hood on the vendor presentations and weed out those not able to meet our particular requirements.

    Joy Horton - Oil Search, Sydney, Australia
  • James has been a thought leader and pioneer in the field of information and knowledge management for many years, working across many industries and publishing papers on why nothing else matters unless you get control of your organisation's most important asset, it's information.

    Michael Veasey - CEO, Minter Ellison, Adelaide, Australia
  • Experience Matters delivered above and beyond the call of duty on a critical project at Santos. Their motto is not to have a dissatisfied customer. Based on my personal experience I can see how they have been able to successfully deliver on this motto time and again.

    Karen Bard - CIO, Santos, Adelaide, Australia


Here are some of the challenges business leaders tell us they face on a daily basis.  Common to managing all these challenges is something so fundamental that it is often overlooked – INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE. The value an organisation places on its information and knowledge assets can directly influence the ability of an organisation to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.


Experience Matters is passionate about aligning an organisation’s information assets with its business goals. We identify, plan, manage and create information and knowledge assets that solve business problems and drive measurable business benefit.

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