Our years of experience runs rings around others.

About Us

Who we are

Passionate practitioners dedicated to creating recognition that information, data and knowledge are business assets that deserve as much attention as the financial, physical and human assets of an organisation.

Founded in 2000, Experience Matters is a firm of professional business advisers with decades of experience helping clients increase the value and sustainability of their business by improving the way their data, information and knowledge is managed.

We consult to organisations in the commercial, government and not-for-profit sectors nationally and internationally with offices in Adelaide and Sydney.

What we do

Our focus is to help organisations identify and manage their information as a business asset. Organisations who value their information as an asset are better able to solve business problems and deliver real improvements, economies and efficiencies that make their business more productive and more profitable.

Experience Matters puts organisations and their people back in control of their data, information and knowledge.

We do this by;

  • Identifying your information assets.
  • Understanding and analysing the way in which information is used by people in your organisation.
  • Identifying inefficiencies in the way information is managed (created/filed/stored/accessed/archived).
  • Developing strategies to improve the management of information.

Why it matters

Information is the foundation of almost all that we do. Business relies on information and increasingly on having it instantly at our fingertips to make decisions. But we are generating more and more information that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Information chaos has the potential to diminish productivity and profitability. Without effective information governance there is no accountability or means of measuring the cost to the business of poor information management practices.

Identifying and understanding the value of your information, data and knowledge assets and improved management leads to better decision making and better business outcomes.

Our values

  • Collaborative – we adopt an approach that harnesses the best of both your expertise and ours.
  • Integrity & Respect – an honest and trustworthy approach that will not shy away from the real issues.
  • Determination – a willingness to listen, ask questions and respond to achieve the best solution.
  • Passion & Creative Thinking – we are prepared to think outside the square and look beyond the obvious boundaries.
  • Unfailing Pursuit of Experience & Skills – nothing can replace years of experience in finding the right solution to a problem. This is why all projects are resourced with industry experts with many many years of experience.