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The Data Leaders group is made up of data, information and knowledge thought leaders across the globe. James Price from Experience Matters is a founding member.

Formed in 2015 by Danette McGilvray, John Ladley, James Price and Tom Redman, they set out to understand why the adoption of “data” as a business asset had been remarkably slow. They re-examined their own successes and failures, studied models of innovation, conducted an extensive root cause analysis, compared interim explanations with progress in other fields, and were brutally honest in testing these explanations.

They concluded that deep, profound change is required. People must take on new roles and responsibilities and develop new skills; new organisational structures are needed; and cultures must develop that put data on par with other assets. From here The Leader’s Data Manifesto was born and released to their peers at the Enterprise Data World Conference in April 2017.

“Please read our manifesto and help to get data and information recognised as an asset that needs to be managed by the business (rather than IT) in your organisation.”

What others are saying about The Leader’s Data Manifesto

“Commercially, organizations cannot make money from an invisible, unmanaged asset class like “data”, that does not appear on the balancesheet. Period. The Data Manifesto will drive a global rethink in the C-suite that will revolutionise this asset class.” – Martin Spratt 2017

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