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Only experienced people because only experience matters

Experience where it counts – it shows in our faces.

When you engage Experience Matters you are engaging a team with many years of experience in diverse areas of business. The people who scope the work do the work, it is not handed over to young graduates. Each project team is built from consultants who have the most relevant experience for the project at hand. Every consultant engaged has a minimum of 20 years experience in their area.

When sitting around the table with our team, you are with people who have been helping business reduce the risk associated with poor information management for many years. They can draw on their experience to tailor a solution that meets the specific needs of your organisation. The way information is used and the people who are using it is unique to every organisation – so we draw on broad business knowledge and overlay the requirements of the specific project to get the best result.

James Price will tell you that he is old and bald but he has more energy and dedication to transforming business through the organisation and management of data, information and knowledge assets than anyone you will meet.

James’ passion for helping organisations tidy up their information and data, to make it accessible to people when and where they need it, is rivaled only by his passion for Coopers Pale Ale long necks. He has been at the forefront of educating business leaders at Board and C-Suite level to drive the need for change from the top down.

So if you would like to find out how to tidy, organise and manage your information and data, and realise its true potential as a business asset, have a beer and a chat with James. Give him a call, he might even pay for the beer (or wine if your prefer!).

Would you like to maximise the value of your information assets and reduce business risk?

This is not an area that is widely understood, so we are happy to help educate.

Contact us to find out what good information management should look like for your business.

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