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Our collaborative approach has enabled us to build great relationships with our clients and out thought leadership has exposed our thinking and our work to many who have made comment on what we do. Here is some of the feedback we have received about our work.

“Congratulations on the most excellent work in your paper entitled “Barriers to the Effective Deployment of Information Assets: An Executive Management Perspective”.  I find the research and ideas to be tremendous.  Your work is ground-breaking.”

Doug Laney – Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, Chicago, USA

“I highly commend your work in which you identify the tangible and intangible benefits of effective Information Asset Management.  I believe your findings are conservative and support the case for the critically urgent need for responsible stewardship of Information Assets by organizational leaders.  Mike Orzen and Associates is proud to be associated with this research as we consider it to be great work of the utmost importance.  The research findings are unique, diligent, highly relevant to executives interested in business improvement, and are adding to the global body of knowledge.  Experience Matters’ identification of the benefits of Information Asset Management is testament to their global thought leadership and practice.”

Mike Orzen – President, Mike Orzen & Associates, winner of the Shingo Prize for operational excellence, Portland, USA

“I have been reading the “Barriers to the Effective Deployment of Information Assets.” … Information neglect is one of those things that you see every day but you don’t see it because it is so much like bland wallpaper that covers everything. Once it is explained, so that you can see it as a business  pathology, it resonates in many ways. … We are in the information management business and we have very deep investments in the most up to date information technologies and in data collection. However, for lack of management of information as a strategic asset, we make decisions and deploy resources without tightly focused information about our objectives. … We have lots of data but … we have no way of knowing how representative our data are with respect to our information requirements. Every decision-maker tries to assemble meaningful information from whatever data is opportunistically available but we don’t have a coordinated and efficient  information management strategy. We need to ask the question: “Who needs what information, for what purpose, and how are they going to get it?”, and the corollary: “How much would information management as a strategic investment cost and what would be the sum of benefits?”. We are very smart people with a deep commitment to data-driven decisions. What we have been missing is an understanding of a few key concepts. Evans and Price (2012) should be compulsory reading for … every executive and business entrepreneur.  I do believe that you have documented the greatest single barrier to productivity in the 21st Century economy and nobody knows about it.”

Stuart Hamilton – Senior Hydrologist, Aquatic Informatics, Vancouver, Canada

“We have been working with a firm called Experience Matters who’ve been an excellent fit for us given our scope and scale but most importantly, given our preferred approach of working with firms that do things with us rather than do things to us.”

Tim Price – Chief Information Officer, Indigenous Land Corporation, Adelaide, Australia

“[Experience Matters’] benchmarking approach is different, being grounded in the organisational environment and consequences to it.  This is an obvious concern, but other assessments I’ve seen are weak on these points.   We need data to prove the practice and maturity benefits, and I would be very pleased if we could contribute to the sum of human knowledge by helping this research effort.”

David Vaz – Data Management, National Australia Bank, Melbourne, Australia

“James’ consulting company is the region’s top boutique information strategy firm.  James and his colleague, Professor Nina Evans of U South Australia, have been long-time collaborators on my infonomics (value of information & information asset management) research. They too continue to do some ground-breaking work in this area. I trust and respect them immensely.”

Doug Laney – Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, Chicago, USA

“James and Experience Matters delivered above and beyond the call of duty on a critical project at Santos. Their motto at Experience Matters is not to have a dissatisfied customer. Based on my personal experience with the individuals and the company I can see how they have been able to successfully deliver on this motto time and again.”

Karen Bard – Chief Information Officer, Santos, Adelaide, Australia

“I have just read your article in the RIMPA Brochure and would just like to say that I found it really informative.  One of my long term challenges is how to change cultural habits for Senior Executives to understand the value of their information and how it might be best used within an organization and the table example you used in your article was excellent and very valid.”

Paul Magin – Records Co-ordinator, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia

“By engaging Experience Matters we brought in the expertise and knowledge of industry best practice that was essential for this project to be successful.  Their experience in our industry and with similar projects in large private sector organisations means that they bring the highly specialised skills needed to build the Business Classification Scheme and the other tools – skills that simply don’t exist to that level in an internal team. I know I am getting informed and independent advice, and that they have instilled the necessary rigour into the process.  I have been able to be the conductor for this project and to focus on my job of embedding the knowledge to sustain the initiative. It has not all been plain sailing: we certainly found some unexpected things under the rocks that we turned over and we have had some adventures. The fantastic working relationship we have developed with the Experience Matters team and our ability to speak plainly with each other has added to this project’s value and made this an extremely worthwhile process for me and the business.”

Joy Horton – Data Management Team Lead, Oil Search, Sydney, Australia

 “James Price is GM of Experience Matters, an Adelaide based information consultancy, and one of the top professionals on information management maturity in the region, if not the world. James is one of my infonomics collaborators and I have been nothing but impressed with his work.”

Doug Laney – Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, Chicago, USA