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Homestart takes a proactive approach to addressing housing issues by creating innovative home finance products, which assist South Australians to overcome the barriers to entering the housing market. Recognising that managing information is key to achieving its strategic aims and business performance goals, HomeStart selected SharePoint as its enterprise system of choice for managing its documents and records. Seeing clearly that technology alone is just one part of the system, HomeStart engaged Experience Matters prior to deploying SharePoint to help design the critical “people” and “process” components of its new records management system.


  • Organisation research
  • Interactive planning using Six Hats methodology
  • Prioritisation of projects and development of Strategic Plan
  • Placement of IT Manager
  • Specification of project requirements and evaluation of proposals
  • Implementation of measurement metrics
  • Management of human change through reporting, education and training


Experience Matters was engaged to:

  • Review the Information Manager’s job specification; conduct a skills audit of the incumbent Information Manager; and interview and recommend Information Management staff
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities; add statements to all staff job specifications; review the Records Management Induction Program; define and assign Workgroup Capture Responsibilities; and conduct a Records Management Resourcing bench-marking exercise
  • Develop a Records Management Education Strategy; develop and deliver an Executive and Senior Management Education Program; and develop and deliver a Staff Awareness Education Program
  • Develop KPIs for the Records Management Program; and establish an Executive Reporting Regime
  • Review and implement the Business Classification Scheme and train staff in its use
  • Assist with development of project-based Thesauri mapped to the Business Classification Scheme
  • Review the Records Management Policy and Procedure Framework (e.g. Charter, Policies, Guidelines); define Metadata Capture requirements for all information; define Access and Security Rights; develop Business Rules; determine the requirement for, develop, test and implement intelligent metadata templates and prioritised delivery; assist with the review, updating and approval of Records Disposal Schedules; develop a Records Disaster Recovery Plan; develop a Workgroup Administration and Membership Model; define Access Requirements for records; and develop a Records Security Classification
  • Prepare a Change Management and Communication Strategy
  • Develop a migration utility to enable official records to migrated from existing record keeping systems
  • Develop an Integration Strategy for line of business applications with the record keeping system
“We used to take days chasing bits of paper around the office in response to Ministerials and FOIs. Now we can respond in hours and I personally can respond in minutes.” John Comley, Chief Financial Officer


SharePoint is notoriously difficult to implement successfully. An oil and gas company implemented 2003, 2007, spent $14 million on 2010 and is not looking to the latest version in the hope of a successful project. In this case, SharePoint and RecordPoint were successfully implemented in HomeStart Finance.

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