Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART)


The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is a regulator and licence administrator to the water, public sector, gas, electricity and local government industries of New South Wales and / or the Energy Savings Scheme.  Few organisations are more information centric than IPART.  The organisation is growing both in size and in community awareness.  Until recently its business could be conducted by word of mouth but this is no longer the case.  Practices and processes needed to be tightened to enable efficient and effective business conduct.

Experience Matters was engaged to:

  • Conduct an Information Asset Management Health Check
  • Extrapolate the business impact of its information management practices
  • Develop a Vision of the Future
  • Conduct a gap analysis and build a roadmap for information management improvement


Experience Matters gathered data using three activities:

  • An review and analysis of the content, structure and file types of IPART network drives
  • A quantitative survey of information practices of all staff
  • A series of qualitative workshops to provide in-depth analysis and understanding of WHY certain information practices and attitudes existed.


The engagement by IPART’s senior leadership team and staff was exemplary and the findings showed that whilst the organisation manages it Information Assets well – significantly better than most organisations – there is still room for improvement and associated business benefit. Although the majority of staff felt they knew who was responsible for managing the organisation’s Information Assets and felt satisfied that the information they use is complete, accurate and not out of date, OVER HALF believed that productivity could be improved through better information management.

The research has also identified tangible business benefit from improving its Information Asset management and the opportunity is well understood by its executive. If managed effectively it is estimated that improved productivity of around 20% could be achieved which translates to a significant potential reduction in employee expense.


The Health Check conducted has enabled Experience Matters to provide a clear understanding of the current position of IPART in relation to it’s information management and identified the impact current practices are having on the business. In addition, a roadmap outlining strategies to address identified issues will assist with planning for future initiatives.

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