Newmont Mining Corporation


Development of the Business Records and Documents Management (BRDM) Framework with which to manage all Newmont Australia’s records and documents.

Reconciliation of Newmont Mining Corporation’s Chart Of Accounts to Newmont Australia’s Functions and Activities, the key components of the Business Classification Scheme and report discrepancies and implications.


  • Develop Project Charter and Project Management Program
  • Develop Communication Strategy and Cultural Change Program
  • Develop Business Case
  • Research current practices and requirements including regulatory compliance and business exposures
  • Identify Functions and Activities and highlight those that are critical to the operation of the business
  • Identify vital records and documents
  • Develop Business Classification Scheme
  • Develop Framework including Thesaurus, Retention Schedule, Compliance Database and Procedural Design
  • Reconcile Chart Of Accounts to Functions and Activities


  • Project completed on time, on budget, in excess of expectations
  • Global application of the Functions and Activities confirmed by aligning Peru’s and Indonesia’s practices
  • Reconciliation of Chart Of Accounts to Functions and Activities.  Omissions in Chart of Accounts identified
  • Significant interest in the Framework shown by other country operations including Canada and Indonesia
“The project would never have succeeded without the Communication Strategy” – Manager Knowledge Management and ICT for Newmont Australia


  • $ 25 million / year in potential improvements identified (at Newmont Australia’s internal rates)
  • Senior management understanding of the business case and support for the initiative
  • Enterprise wide understanding of and engagement in Newmont Australia initiative
  • Ability to set Key Performance Indicators, controls and measurements

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