Development of Renewal SA’s IT Strategic Plan.


  • Organisation research
  • Interactive planning using Six Hats methodology
  • Prioritisation of projects and development of Strategic Plan
  • Placement of IT Manager
  • Specification of project requirements and evaluation of proposals
  • Implementation of measurement metrics
  • Management of human change through reporting, education and training


Original situation
  • Two person team managing IT
  • Dissatisfaction with IT response
  • 7 hours per day of emergency support
  • 192 different software packages of various versions
  • 55 employees, 150 users
  • Some applications slow
  • IT assets unrecorded and under-utilised
  • Technology and Science parks isolated
After 12 months
  • One person managing IT
  • High satisfaction with IT
  • < 1 hour per day plus development
  • 24 packages in a standard
  • 55 users plus 10 groups
  • Applications fast and efficient
  • Assets utilised or disposed of
  • Parks technically integrated


Over $178,000 worth of quantifiable, financial benefits identified in the first year.

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