Santos (Information Mapping)


  • Development of the Document Management Framework with which to manage all Santos’ documents
  • Development of Santos’ Information Map


  • Develop Project Charter and Project Management Program
  • Develop Communication Strategy and Cultural Change Program
  • Develop Business Case
  • Research current practices and requirements including regulatory compliance and business exposures
  • Identify Functions and Activities and highlight those that are critical to the operation of the business
  • Identify vital records and documents
  • Develop Document Management Framework blueprint
  • Develop Information Map


  • Enterprise wide understanding of and engagement in Santos’ document management initiative
  • Understanding that the Document Management Framework has the potential to provide the foundation for the management of all Santos’ information and knowledge
“Experience Matters will know more about Santos than anyone else in the organisation.”
“Experience Matters is the only consulting organisation that hasn’t simply regurgitated what we’ve told them.”


  • Improved business and environmental information facilitating acquisitions, joint ventures and divestments;
  • Creation of a safer working environment for Santos staff
  • Better commercial arrangements with contractors
  • Reduced current costs of daily operation
  • Better protection of assets, particularly Intellectual Capital
  • Improved ability to initiate or defend litigation
  • Increased regulatory, legislative and environmental compliance

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