South Australian Department of Health


The project developed the Communication Strategies and Plans to support the $94million Open Architecture Clinical Information System (Oacis) implementation project to South Australian metropolitan public health – 4 teaching and 4 major public hospitals.  Its purpose was to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time using the right medium.


  • Organisation research
  • Communication strategy
    • Identification of 36 separate stakeholder groups
    • Analysis of group mindsets
    • Development of a Communication Strategy for each group
    • Distill Strategies into Communication Plans for dovetailing with Training Strategies and immediate implementation


  • Successful development of an environment conducive to communication and cultural change across the whole of South Australian metropolitan public health
  • Independent and unsolicited positive feedback from the CEOs of three hospitals including the suggestion that the Oacis Project should be used as a case study for successful IT project implementations
  • Confirmation from these CEOs that the Communication Program successfully engaged stakeholders and set correct expectations.


  • Greater stakeholder consensus resulting in:
    • Lower project implementation risk
    • Reduced waste of competing project resources
    • Quicker solution acceptance and adoption providing faster business returns
  • Better understanding by DHS, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders, reducing obstruction, justifying further investment and creating improved morale
  • Development of significant intellectual property for DHS, an enduring asset available for re-use in the South Australian health sector to reduce the cost and risk of subsequent, similar technology implementations, for instance Patient Administration Systems