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These publications will satisfy your need for more a detailed explanation of what Information Assets are and why they are of value to your organisation.

Journal Publications


Nina Evans, James Price

Death by a thousand cuts behaviour and attitudes that inhibit enterprise information management

Information Research, Vol.23, No1, March 2018


Nina Evans, James Price

Managing information in law firms: changes and challenges

Information Research, Vol.22, No.1, March 2017


Nina Evans, James Price

Information Asset Management Capability: The Role of the CIO

Twenty-first Americas Conference on Information Systems, Puerto Rico, 2015


Nina Evans, James Price

Enterprise information asset management: the roles and responsibilities of executive boards

Knowledge Management Research & Practice


Nina Evans, James Price

Responsibility and Accountability for Information Asset Management (IAM) in Organisations

Electronic Journal Information Systems Evaluation Volume 17 Issue 1 2014


Nina Evans, James Price

Barriers to the Effective Deployment of Information Assets: An Executive Management Perspective

Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management, Vol.7, 2012

Experience Matters Papers


Experience Matters

Benefits of Information Management


Nina Evans, James Price

Information Asset Maturity Model 2021

International Journal of Information Management 54 (2020) 102193

Experience Matters

Attributes for Success

Experience Matters Services Fact Sheets

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