2015 Information and Data Quality Summit (Baltimore MD USA, October 12 – 14.)

The 2015 Information and Data Quality Summit (IDQSummit, Baltimore MD USA, October 12 – 14.) is the premier international event for exchanging data quality and data governance solutions, offering professional development and networking opportunities, along with new cutting-edge tutorials, presentations and keynotes from a variety of highly experienced speakers.

James Price, Managing Director of Experience Matters, will be presenting on “The barriers to and the benefits of managing data, information and knowledge as a business asset.”

Information Assets comprise the arterial system for organisations, supplying the nutrients for all business activities, process and decisions; without information no organisation can function. With the advent of mobility and the Cloud, IT is becoming a utility like electricity or water and we are witnessing the death of the traditional IT shop. Yet if information is so critical to an organisation’s survival and prosperity, and if IT is being marginalised, who will be accountable for managing that vital business asset? Whilst data, information and knowledge are managed by every person in the organisation, in most organisations it is done badly and at significant cost. Global research explains why.

This presentation will help explain:

  • What Information Assets are and why they are so important
  • How Information Assets are managed
  • Why it matters to organisations and their operation and therefore why the senior leadership team should pay attention
  • Current trends and the implications for organisations and the management of their information
  • The reasons why information is managed so badly
  • What to do about it

James will draw on the findings of a research project that Experience Matters, in conjunction with the University of South Australia, is conducting into “The Barriers to and the Benefits of managing Information as a Business Asset”. The project is being run in Australia, South Africa and the United States.

Would you like to maximise the value of your information assets and reduce business risk?

This is not an area that is widely understood, so we are happy to help educate.

Contact us to find out what good information management should look like for your business.

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