Tom Redman

The Data Clinic – with Dr Tom Redman, ‘The Data Doc’

The volume of data being created within all organisations is exploding. But is it good quality data that helps people in their decision making or is much of it poor quality? How can we sort out the good from the bad and make sure it is accessible to those who need it? These questions on data quality¬†will be discussed at The Data Clinic with keynote speaker Dr Tom Redman “the Data Doc”. James Price from Experience Matters & Nina Evans from the University of South Australia will also be presenting on “The Barriers to and Benefits of Managing Data”. Hear from the data quality experts and ensure your organisation stays ahead of the curve in data quality and its enormous benefits.

Would you like to maximise the value of your information assets and reduce business risk?

This is not an area that is widely understood, so we are happy to help educate.

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