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Santos – Office Move


  • Workspace Analysis for Santos in preparation for a location move
  • Determination of work practices by, and hard copy storage requirements of, different professions
  • Enablement of Facilities Managers, Architects and Interior Designers to plan efficient, effective and enduring workspaces for Santos staff


  • Develop Communication Strategy and deploy Communication Plan
  • Assemble teams, nominate Santos representatives from each Business Unit
  • Develop database
  • Review past Workplace Performance survey and conduct data collection
  • Data interpretation and findings


Reduction by 52% in hard copy storage, saving $1.8 million per year in office and storage space.

“We have already expressed our thanks to [Experience Matters] for the excellent work that they have done for Santos.  The report has been delivered to [Santos management], Lend Lease Corporate Solutions and Bligh Voller Nield and they also compliment Experience Matters on the quality of the audit results….Once again Experience Matters has partnered with Santos to produce further insightful business analysis beyond the requirements of the brief.  Your team applied their expertise to enable us to delve past the obvious physical records storage issues and gain a greater understanding of the reasons for reliance on hardcopy records and more importantly where to target opportunities to lift performance and staff morale.  As I have come to expect, your team were efficient, professional, unobtrusive and gangs of fun!”


  • Intimate understanding of differing work practices by Santos professionals
  • Detailed documentation of hard copy storage and workspace requirements
  • Foundation for:
    • Reduction by 52% in hard copy storage, saving $1.8 million per year in office and storage space
    • Improved management of hard copy information
    • Increased collaboration and information sharing
    • Tight, professional look and feel of a workplace characterised by best practice information management
    • Behavioural and cultural change that will continue to be observed in the new premises