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Business Classification Scheme (BCS)

What is a Business Classification Scheme?

A Business Classification Scheme (BCS) is based on the concept and principles of functional classification.

The BCS takes a top-down, enterprise-wide business focus. It is not a direct file plan. A file plan can be developed and mapped back to the BCS, automated through an EDRMS.

Functional classification allows for more consistent capture and effective, efficient retrieval of records and information. It also assists in applying disposal, security and access to records.

It is the foundation tool, upon which nearly all records and information management business rules, policies, procedures and other tools such as thesauri and disposal schedules are based.

How EM can help

EM works with each client to develop a pragmatic classification and file structure solution to effectively manage records and related business information.

Benefits of a BCS

Implementing a Business Classification Scheme will benefit your organisation through:

  • More effective search and retrieval
  • Better managed evidence of business activity
  • Ability to apply access and security to documents
  • Helping with storage considerations and planning
  • Protection of Intellectual Property

EM also provides expert training to ensure your end users fully understand and can use your new BCS to maximise the benefits to your organisation.