Is use of your information in the lap of the God's or do you have a clear strategy for it's management?

Strategy Development

Create a clear roadmap to move forward

To actively drive value from their information and knowledge assets, Experience Matters helps our clients to:

  • Identify the information and knowledge that is important to them
  • Manage that information and knowledge effectively
  • Realise and recognise the value to the business of their information management initiatives

Specific strategic advice and business planning services include:

  • Identification of high level requirements to support key current and emerging business needs
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development of business rules
  • Operational, management and strategic advice
  • Business planning and review
  • Strategic workshop facilitation
  • Strategic procurement planning and asset management
  • Working with stakeholders to develop business plans that are consistent with strategies
  • Monitoring strategy implementation
  • Adapting strategies to accommodate changes in the environment.