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Doug Laney, Global Influencer and Thought Leader in Infonomics in Adelaide

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Vice President and Distinguished Analyst for Gartner, Doug Laney, is to be hosted in Adelaide by Experience Matters, Complexica and SA NT DataLink

The use of information is causing digital disruption and almost no industry is immune.  Information is used by every organisation in every business activity, in every business process and in making every business decision.  Whether digital disruption is positive or negative depends on how information is used; it can be manifested as either a threat or as an opportunity.

Doug Laney is one of the world’s greatest minds and most influential people in Information Management.  He is a senior analyst with Gartner’s data strategy research and advisory team. He is considered a pioneer in the field of data warehousing and an authority on Big Data best practices. In the 90’s he originated the concept of Infonomics—the discipline of formally valuing and managing information as a corporate asset.  Doug guest lectures on this topic at leading business schools and has been published in top technology and business journals including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.  Doug lives outside Chicago and says he enjoys competitive tennis and not-so-competitive golf but mostly just fantasises about his time living in Australia.

Experience Matters, Complexica and SA NT DataLink are hosting an event for Doug on Thursday 18th February in Adelaide’s iconic South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) building.  Doug will be arguing that information is an asset, that it has a cost, a value and a benefit and that it should be managed like the other valuable resources of an organisation.  In his words, “Information has become a legitimate business asset that should be managed and deployed as one and also formally valued as one.”

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