We turn information chaos into an organised, productive work environment with reduced risk.

What & Why

As information is enterprise wide so are our solutions. Everyone creates, stores, retrieves, deletes information everyday - but if this is not managed and is allowed to be adhoc, you are exposing your organisation to risk that can be avoided.

What gives you your competitive advantage?

We believe it all comes down to information and the people who use it.

Experience Matters is a firm of professional advisers with decades of experience helping clients increase the value and sustainability of their business by improving the way their data, information and knowledge is managed and used.

How we do it

Specifically, we help:

  • Manage risk and improve compliance.
  • Improve staff productivity and business performance by increasing the effectiveness of Information Assets and the people who use them.
  • Lower operational costs by consolidating, standardising and trimming down hard copy documentation.
  • Setting the scene for a client to move to a workable digital environment.
  • Demonstrate the business value of Information Assets to decision makers.
  • Improve document, records and email management.
  • Develop and help implement business classification schemes, thesauri and taxonomies.
  • Help implement electronic document and records management systems.
  • Manage change, train staff and provide a practical communication strategy.

Our services are vendor independent and tailored to the specific needs of each client.