Measure the benefits of your projects and stay a step ahead.

Benefits Realisation

Add up the benefits

Why is it so important to calculate and communicate the benefits of your project?

  • Be prepared: Boards, the Executive Team and auditors often ask, without warning, what return they have got from their investment.
  • If an initiative, program or project is to genuinely succeed, the organisation needs to pursue a deliberate and active approach to realising benefits.
  • The benefits realisation process involves not only tracking results, but identifying specific opportunities and pursuing them.
  • The process also pinpoints any risks to your project’s expected outcomes, allowing you to monitor them and take pre-emptive action if needed.
  • Giving a positive account of benefits realised can be a career enhancing move for those who are behind the initiative.

And of course, if benefits are managed well the first time, the next business case has a high probability of first time approval.

EM can help you to:

  • Communicate what actions are needed to realise intended benefits
  • Work out how staff have contributed in achieving outcomes
  • Prepare strategies for actively minimising the risks identified
  • Take corrective action when the expected benefits are not occurring
  • Design metrics for monitoring the fulfilment of promised benefits
  • Match costs with benefits to assess a net return

EM also offers training for Executives on Benefits Realisation.

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